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July 7, 2021

Starting Young, Starting Green

Yotsuba Moto Children's Electric Motorcycle

Yotsuba Moto is a Japanese motorcycle parts and accessories company, owned by a company called Dirtfreak, they started production back in 2017. The parent company have been around since 1990, when they began supplying products for off road and motocross markets. These days they are the exclusive distributor for Fox racing, Alpinestars Off road kit, as well as MTB and few other bits for the Japanese off road motorcycle market. They even operate their own off road circuit. 

Yotsuba means four leaf clover in Japanese, and it’s a symbol of happiness in Japan. Now the company are spreading that happiness with a new childrens’ electric motorcycle called the Meow. This is designed as a bike in between small pedal or balance bikes and engine powered bikes for kids. During testing it was found that  small kids who are too young to ride engine bikes or real racing electric bikes, can ride these bikes very easily.

So this is just what you need if your youngster cannot ride a bicycle or is scared of the sound of a two stroke engine, and after all who in their right mind isn’t?  These things are light weight, small, easy to ride and environmentally friendly machines. Because of their simple design they can be ridden almost  anywhere, on dirt, gravel roads, through those deep puddles that seem to draw young children in to the deepest muddiest part of. They are also easy for the child to stand back up once they’ve fallen over. 

Children's Electric Motorcycle

Yotsuba Moto - Size Options

There are two sizes. The first has 12 inch wheels and is the more compact model. It’s a shade bigger than a balance bike.These are designed for children whose height is from 85cm – 90cm. It doesn’t have any sharp or rotating objects such as disc brakes or a chain and sprocket kit. They are equipped with a unique 3 axis falling sensor and steering support equipment which are designed to help your child on their first ride. White or black frame colours are available.

Yotsuba Moto - Meow 16

Then there is the 16 inch wheel size model for riders who are more than a metre in height. Their basic functionality is the same as with the smaller machine, but this one comes with a lighter and stronger rear hub motor. The larger wheel size is for better rough road riding ability. And, it bridges to 50cc engine bikes such as Yamaha's PW 50. Once again, they are available in white or black.

Small and lightweight in design coming in at only 12.5kg. The light weight makes for a much less intimidating machine for the younglings as well as much less drama when they have an ‘off’. Because it weighs so little it doesn’t need suspension or a huge amount of power. The company even developed a small Lithium-ion battery for this bike. Rather cleverly the motor stops automatically if it falls down thanks to its three axis sensor.

One of the safety features is that after picking up the bike, the rider will have to completely close the throttle for a re-start. The bike cannot go out of control once the bike is picked up and the wheels are back on the ground. The electric throttle side grip diameter is 19.1 mm, small and designed for childrens small hands. The control levers are also thinner sizes than standard levers for easy to control.

A specially programmed speed controller provides smooth starts. You can select three different maximum speeds, from 6km/h to 18km/h with the mode selector switch. 6km/h is a fast waking speed for a parent. The rider can stop the bike by pressing the foot brake and the motor lives in the wheel hub. These new machines are available from all good dealers now with prices starting at €759.

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