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We’re a very loose knit group of motorcyclists who are happy to bring you a range of different news and opinion pieces on a wide range of motorbikes as well as related topics such as kit, racing, touring, commuting and just getting started on two wheels. Since we’re all a bit left leaning from a political point of view we brought Luke on board because he’s a fascist for the purposes of balance. Enjoy the read and ping any of us a message if you have any comments or questions.

Who we are


Paul is the wisest of the group, at least according to himself, (since when, we wonder, did age equal wisdom). He is the distance specialist of the group, regularly clocking up 3,000kms in a single week. He has been known to occasionally exceed speed limits, but only very occasionally. He has yet to own a car.

Ms Nicole L


Nicole is Ireland’s only international female motorcycle racer. She enjoys hitting speeds upwards of 200km/h on her Yamaha at race tracks, both at home and around the world. Occasional crash test dummy, but always smiling, Nicole also enjoys riding trials bikes, building engines with her dad and being faster than Paul. Nicole’s career highlights include race wins and racing at the European Junior Cup with World Superbikes. She currently rides an R6.

Mr. Luke


Luke likes motorcycles. As our European correspondent, he specialises in the city commute, living between Paris and Madrid. During the day he fights the good fight as a human rights advocate. His other talents include, but are not limited to, never answering the phone, showing up at the office without giving prior warning, and a profound inability to cook.

Mr Colin B


Colin is the youngest member of the team. Recently graduating from his work desk, he has jumped onboard for the ride of his life. Now kitted out in the coolest of PPE, he’s started doing his basic training on a new Mutt 250. We’re looking forward to following his adventures.

Ms Maeve P


As well as being a contributor to MotorcyclesOnLine, Maeve has been an adventure motorcyclist for more years than it would be polite to say. She recently moved to the country in search of a quieter life. She now dreams of occasionally escaping to other parts of the world for two wheeled adventures. In her down time she likes to paint.

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