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April 30, 2017

Monument Valley With Celtic Horizon Tours

Fancy starting your day with a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon?

How would you fancy starting your day with a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon? Celtic Horizon Tours, Ireland's premier motorcycle touring company are organizing a whole host of American motorcycle tours this year. Several take in the majesty of the Grand Canyon as well as the epic riding experience that is Monument Valley.

The Kildare based company is tacking on an optional helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon on day five of their Mini Route 66 tour this year. After you’ve had your breakfast and said ‘Wow’ an awful lot it’ll be time to jump back on your bike. Take a spin along the South Rim for a few miles before leaving the National Park at the East entrance.

While you’re still trying to process what you’ve just seen both from the air and from the ground its time to ride into the incredible Monument Valley. This is Navajo Country here. It’s a classic Wild West landscape of stark sandstone buttes and forbidding pinnacles of rock, which jut from a seemingly endless expanse of red sand.

Only when you arrive here will you realise how much your perception of the West has been shaped by this one spot. If Clint Eastwood rode up to you on his horse, said something gravelly and vaguely threatening, then that would just make perfect sense!

Celtic Horizon Tours Monument Valley

That evening you’ll have the option to descend into the Valley itself. Here, you can let the local Navajo Guides treat you to stories of life in the heart of this natural wonderland.

Celtic Horizon Tours - Well Travelled

The team at Celtic Horizon Tours have been across the US so many times at this stage that they’ve practically worn a grove into the continent. There is very little that they don’t know about the place.

The Mini Route 66 is designed for people who want the adventure of crossing the country without spending so much time at it. All the details are here.  Give any of the team a bell on 01 629 2000 to book a holiday of a lifetime. Just don’t forget to send us a postcard…

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