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May 28, 2020

MotoMojo Kawasaki - Win A ZX 10

MotoMojo Kawasaki - A Limited Entry Afffair

We really like what MotoMojo have been doing for the last few years. The company, based in Ireland, have been making mounts using unique photos as the template. Being motorcyclists, the team have specialised in putting these together for racers and track day enthusiasts for a number of years now. Our friends over at Motocraft have been using them as awards at the last number of events that they have run in Spain.

For the last number of years the boss man, Mick Walsh, has been racing in the Masters series here in Mondello on his ZX 10. Now when you buy yourself a hand finished one of a kind mount for €75 you’ll be entered into a very special draw. This is a limited entry affair and only the first 200 customers will be issued tickets.
All you need to do is send your image by email to mick@motomojo.ie. Please try to have an original.

You will need to include your postal address for your mount. You will then be issued with an invoice that can be paid securely online. When that payment is confirmed they will make your 3D mount and post it to you with a unique laser cut number between 1 and 200. Once all 200 units are sold there will be a raffle live on Facebook for that very same race ready ZX 10R and a whole load of associated kit. It may even include delivery.

MotoMojo Kawasaki - Generation 5 Race Body Kit

The bike is a generation 4 Kawasaki ZX10R that comes with a generation 5 race body kit. The power is delivered through a close ratio Nova D gearbox. The suspension is provided by a set of recently serviced KTec units on both the front and rear. The bike has MSS Race Linkage as well as a Domimo QA throttle and an Ohlins steering damper to help manage your enthusiasm with the former.

To that end there are also a set of fork leg frame stops. The Translogic quickshifter is set in road, but that can be changed. The bike is fitted with a brand new chain. It has yet to be run in. There is a full set of gearing, 14/15/16 39/40/41/42/43/44/45. The bikes hoses are by Samco and the fuel has been mapped by the genius that is Gary at Mototuning. It puts out 200bhp on his Dyno!

Additionally it comes with three sets of fairings, both generation four and five, with new graphics. There is also a set of Rental clip ons and spares as well as a second set of rear sets that are new and still in the box. The bike is fitted with a Mobil-I tracker. The machine is in excellent condition and is well know in the racing community.

To round this off it also comes with a paddock stand, head stock stand, a selection of slick scrubs, a tyre rack and tyre warmers, batteries, two 20 litre jerry cans, both of which are rarely used. So if you would like to win or just get to the top of the pack at your next trackday, then maybe this is the time to buy yourself a mount!

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