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October 10, 2022

Motocrafted - One Big Family

Sometimes, just sometimes mind, we get a little bit tired of listening to ourselves. Where Motocraft, Ireland's premium overseas trackday company, are concerned we cannot say enough about how good the team, tracks and transport as well as their help in the paddock are. So rather than listening to us suggesting that you improve your riding in the best possible way and the best possible company to do so with, we’re delighted to introduce our guest columnist, all round great guy and tidy motorcycle rider. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Aidan McDonnell.

2018 was my first trip away with Motocraft. I travelled out on this one on my own and as such I didn’t really know anyone else. To say I was nervous would have been an understatement! Within a few minutes of meeting the guys from Motocraft and the rest of the clients on the trip I knew that there was nothing to be worried about as I was made feel so welcome. I finally started to relax! What Paul and the team have done is put an event together that really does feel like one big family!

One Big Family - The Best Tracks In Europe

Now five years and seven brilliant trips later, I’ve ridden some of the best tracks in Europe. I’ve taken in Monteblanco, Portimao, and the most recent trip was to Mugello in Italy. I’m certainly no Rossi or Marquez, nor do I have any allusions about being a race star, but each and every trip away I’ve learned something new. Whether it be improvements on my riding or improvements to my bike or both.

This comes from both the team from Motocraft and the rest of group travelling, as they do seem to attract a great group of riders. The craic that’s in the pit lane garage is fantastic. There are often riders as diverse as racers, track day enthusiasts and road riders. The combination of all three types of riders creates a fantastic atmosphere and also offers a great opportunity to learn and improve.

Motocraft in Monteblanco

One Big Family - Passion Unmatched

If things should go wrong, the way everyone comes together to help is unreal. Like I said earlier it does feel like a family.

On one last point, never have I met an organization like Motocraft. Their passion for what they do is unmatched. They covering everything from getting your bike to the track, organizing the accommodation, and in getting your bike safely home. They do all of this while always there to help and advice.

I’m looking forward, if my knees allow, to many more years travelling to the best tracks in Europe with the best company for the job, Motocraft.

Motocraft will be loading up the truck again and heading to Monteblanco from March the 1st to the 4th next year. If you’d like to come along see motocraft and get your name down now.

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