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May 25, 2020

Unlimited Passion - Clean Up Your Act

Unlimited Passion - Cutting Edge Motorcycle Cleaning Solutions

Thunderbolt is their flagship product. These all-in-one wipes are made for cleaning and protection. There is no water or equipment required. The concept that was reverse engineered and redesigned. It considered the latest developments in automotive manufacturing, particularly when it came to paints and plastics. The result is the most advanced all-in-one cleaning and protection product available on the planet. It will degrease, remove bugs & tar spots, clean, polish and protect in one!

Red Effect is an outstanding wheel cleaner and colour changing ‘fallout remover’. It was made a reality due to the need for powerful and capable product that cleans grime and removes stubborn deposits from braking systems. It’s pH Neutral and safe on any wheel type.

Ultimate is a powerful foam cleaner for those hard to reach and hard to clean places. This versatile product can be used with or without water. It’s completely silicon free, and leaves a repellent ‘Nano-Coating’ to leave your machine looking greater for even longer. And easier to clean next time.

Unlimited Passion - Waterless Cleaning

Addict is a waterless cleaning and protection spray that leaves surfaces ‘like new’. Produced for those that prefer waterless solutions, and in particularl sprays. Simply spray the product on, wipe off and buff to finish leaving your machine in showroom condition. What’s more, it’s completely biodegradable!

Ungrease is a degreaser that simply makes the makes grease fall off! Another of the factories specialities is understanding the application and removal of lubricants. No longer does the term “degreaser” have represent simply diluting and further spreading grease all over your bike. It now represents the true removal of grease in a completely safe way that is sympathetic to all the components of your chain and gears.

Unlimited Passion is a brand of cleaning products for enthusiasts. And, all those who wish to maintain their pride and joy. They offer those of us that don’t ‘enjoy’ cleaning the opportunity to get it over and done with in minimal time and without spending a fortune. They also offer those with a love of cleaning a range of exciting products that produce flawless results with maximum care for their pride and joy… and of course a finish so good it could make an onion cry.

To see the full range, drop in to any good motorcycle dealer, or call in to Franklin Motorcycles. You can get any of the team on 015385005.

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