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February 4, 2019

Knox Zero 2 OutDry - Warm And Dry

Knox Zero 2 OutDry - Yet To Let Us Down

The classic Knox Winter Glove comes as standard with a superior, warm, waterproof, winter riding experience with OutDry. Outdry is the latest patented innovation in waterproofing to keep the rain out , and Primaloft insulation to keep the warmth in. We’ve been wearing them for years now and they’ve yet to let us down!

This Know Zero 2 OutDry has a total laminated membrane to the back of the leather so cannot absorb water past the leather exterior. This means that the glove will not become heavy with water in the rain. Another much appreciated feature is that the inner lining along the fingers doesn’t pull out. This I find to be a massive frustration on a pissing wet day with miles to go before I get home!

Because the very clever OutDry membrane is bonded directly to the shell of the glove it completely seals the stitching. This means that the insulation remains completely dry and therefore, my beautiful hands stay warm even in the coldest of conditions.

As the membrane is bonded to the shell the glove is thinner and warmer. This gives the rider a greater feel and sensitivity for all the switchgear as well as the basic controls of the bike. It also, by default, makes the gloves windproof. Take a spin to Belfast in January and see how far up the M1 you get with a regular pair of winter gloves even if it’s not raining! These things make it positively comfortable.

Know Zero 2 OutDry - Keep Breathing

One of the cleverer bits about these gloves is that they still allow the riders hands to breathe. By the time you’ve got off the bike they won’t be sweaty or sticky on the riders hands. The membrane is breathable which keeps your hands dry from the inside. A ‘Bemberg’ polyester micro fleece liner provides the warmth. This is both comfortable and highly effective when it comes to heat insulation.

We’re not too sure what a ‘Digital Goat’ is, but their leather is used in the construction of the glove outer where it covers the floating knuckle area, fingers and overlays on the palm for improved durability. A kangaroo, whose leather has been used to line the palm, has joined the goat. This offers improved abrasion resistance and comfort.

The whole affair is dressed with 3M reflective panels, which are used on the fingers and thumbs. 3M reflective piping is used for increased visibility in poor conditions. It’s also highly effective when delivering hand signals to car drivers in Dublin’s winter traffic.

Knox Zero 2 OutDry - Some Closure

Closing the Knox Zero 2 OutDry is done via a waterproof zip and a Velcro wrist closure for secure fit. There is a TPR visor wipe on the left thumb with touch screen technology on the index finger.

The low profile Knox Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) on the palm makes life somewhat easier if unplanned contact is made with the road. This clever system reduces the risk of hyperextension, which can be the cause of a broken scaphoid.
Having broken both hands demonstrating my skill as a motorcyclist on track and being the victim of one of the previously mentioned murderous car drivers, I tend to, as Mr. Cohen would say, ‘Ache in the places where I used to play’. No more so than in the joints of my hands. These Knox winter gloves provide the solution. They offer warmth thanks to their lining, keep the water out thanks to the membrane and have that wonderful scaphoid protection system that will mitigate against any future incompetence.

The Knox range is available from both AMI and Kennedy Motorcycles.

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