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May 19, 2020

Knox Urbane Pro - No Jacket Required

Knox Urbane Pro - High performance clothing that feels good

One of the things about riding bikes is that gradually we’re moving to being a recreational activity. Working from home, or on the periphery of our towns and cities means that, for a lot of us, we no longer have to ride bikes to get to the ‘daily slog’. This is both bad and good.

While there is a very strong argument that the spin in and out of the office or factory will do our heads good, the equal argument is that keeping something special for the weekend and summer evenings is right where we want to be. While this should certainty affect which bike we choose to buy, it should very much have an effect on what kit we wear as its likely to have a different set of demands placed on it than what we might have used in the past.

The good people at Knox seem to have ‘got this’ quite clearly. Those of us who ride every day use their kit, my winter was a whole lot more bearable thanks to their base layers, are really enjoying them. The recreational rider is also benefiting from high performance clothing that feels good, looks stylish and protects us if it should all so a bit wrong. I love their kit because it looks brilliant, fits really well and has a proven record of keeping me in one piece when I occasionally get my enthusiasm confused with my talent!

Knox Urbane Pro - Good for both on and off road riding

Now the company are really proud to introduce their latest addition to their Urbane Pro Series, the Urbane Pro Utility. The Urbane Pro is a series of armoured shirts have class A, CE approved abrasion resistance built in. This means that an outer jacket is no longer necessary. That is unless you want to wear one. It simply houses all the armour in an incredibly light, yet incredibly tough mesh.

This new garment offers riders extra functionality and durability with the addition of 5 tough duck canvas exterior pockets. This allows you to go further and not need that outer jacket at all on those perfect summer Sunday mornings when a touch of adventure beckons.

The jacket is designed to be worn on its own in hot weather with no outer jacket required, yet its light enough to fit under one in the event of inclement weather. Both the Urbane Pro and Urbane Pro Utility are the ultimate lightweight, breathable and abrasion resistant armoured shirts. They deliver freedom, comfort and protection on a motorcycle, like never before.

Knox Micro-Lock armour is fitted in the Urbane Pro Utility on the shoulders, elbow and back. A chest protector can be added as a optional extra. The new Urbane Pro Utility is available in Men's and Women's versions with a choice of three colours, Black, Camel and Olive.

It’s available in Adventure Motorcycles here in Ireland.

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