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June 5, 2018

Knox Back Protector Meta-Sys - Safer

2015 Knox Back Protector

Knox Back Protector Meta-Sys - You Deserve One Of These

Back protectors have come a long way since they first appeared in the race paddocks during the early 1980s and the latest Meta-Sys from Knox shows just how far.

One of the most significant changes was the introduction of a European standard for body armour in the mid-nineties. Under EN1621-1 all motorcycle armour had to be independently tested to prove that it offered reasonable protection. A 5 kilo weight was dropped onto the armour from a height of one metre. If more than 35 kN of energy was transmitted, the armour failed.

Things got tougher in the new millennium, with the arrival of EN1621-2, a specific standard for back protectors. In order to make the grade, the average transmitted force of 10 tests must be less than 18 kN, making it twice as demanding as the body armour test. If the back protector let through less than 9 kN of energy, it was certified as Level 2, the highest rating.

The challenge for manufacturers is to design and produce protection that's stronger, without becoming heavy or bulky and the updated Meta-Sys from Knox shows what can be achieved with the application of modern technology and materials.

Constructed using a ‘hard’ polypropylene outer shell to dissipate impact, combined with a lightweight Nitrex inner layer for superior energy absorption and protection against multiple impacts, the Meta-Sys is fully certified to the Level 2 of EN 1621-2. The mean transmitted force is less than 6kN and some tests was as low as 3kN.

Knox Back Protector Meta-Sys - Unrestricted Movement and Flexibility

This increased protection hasn't come at the expense of weight: it weighs just 1.08kg - lighter than most full carbon motorcycle helmets.

Constructed in four sections that move independently, the Meta-Sys allows unrestricted movement and flexibility and automatically lengthens and shortens as the rider bends and straightens, for complete coverage and comfort. It comes in three torso lengths for optimum fit.

Knox also submitted the Meta-Sys for additional testing at extreme temperatures, ranging from -20°C to +40°C, proving that it offers the same level of protection from the Arctic to the tropics.

Today's riders also benefit from innovations that improve comfort, such as an air induction system for ventilation and a removable, machine-washable, breathable liner made from spacer fabric. There's a multi adjustment system on the waist for a tailored fit, with extra side adjustment straps to give a more secure fit against the spine. And the option to fit Knox CE Approved Chest protector.

Visit Knox for more details.

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