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May 14, 2021

Arai Visor Fitting 101

A Dreadfully Middle Class Problem

It’s the summer and we’re all out on our bikes again. For many of us we’re all quite good at wearing the right kit from decent boots all the way up to a great helmet. This makes a great day on the bike just that bit more comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that some of us stay out a whole lot longer than we intended to. 

One of the dreadfully middle class problems that this creates for some of us is which visor to wear. Is it to be tinted or clear? Going out in the sunny mornings it’s obviously a tinted affair. And while they work well enough in the city after dark in the country it’s a bit of a disaster. Now some of you might say that this is just a matter of fashion and if I really cared about something as important as visibility I’d do something clever like wear a pair of sunglasses or a use a pro shield.

Arai Visor Fitting - Short And Sweet

This is the point where we need to be incredibly clear on a few things. Wearing sunglasses under a full face motorcycle helmet is strictly for traffic cops and riders who open their conversations with other motorcyclists with statements as to how highly rated they were on their latest RoSPA examination. In short, if one meets any motorcyclist who wears their sunnies under their lid then the best course of action is to excuse oneself as quickly as possible. There is no good to be found here.

The pro shield is very clever. The unit combines a standard clear visor that has a half dark visor that pivots on its own independent hinge. This allows you the best of both worlds in theory. In practice it is the compromise that it would sound like. While it’s a lot better than having one of those inbuilt sun visors that lives where the lining of your helmet should really be…

Arai VAS V Max helmet visor

Arai Visor Fitting - The Clever Bit

The solution is to take all visors off the helmet. Then using the silicone that comes with every new Arai and putting it on the point where the visor joins the helmet, first fit the clear one and then remove it. Repeat the process with the dark visor and leave it in place. Now get the helmet bag that it came in. Drop the clear one into the bag. Here comes the clever bit.

The clear one in now protected by the bag. Once your tight fitting jacket has been fastened simply slide the bagged visor in around your flank,  the fat bit at the bottom of your ribs, and it’ll sit there all day weightless, unobtrusive and perfectly comfortable. Best of all, when dusk rolls in and it comes time to change them, the residual bit of silicone on the hinges will make removal of one and fitment of another as simple as an easy thing.

Arai Visor Fitting 101. You’re welcome. For more top tips like these drop in to Megabikes or Kennedys and get yourself sorted with a decent lid.     

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