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May 14, 2021

Arai Tour X4 - Sartorial Excellence

The Arai Tour X4 - Everything You Ever Needed.

The dilemma is always what to wear and the solution isn’t always so easy to find. Thankfully, Arai have been sorting our headgear for a few generations and with the Tour X is its own fourth incarnation so the problem has been solved, well at least from the neck up. It’s an incredibly versatile piece of kit. It can be worn as a conventional full face helmet with a peak and visor. Or as a motocross lid with the peak but no visor and a pair of goggles, as well as a mean looking affair with the visor but no peak. The last one is definitely our favourite!  

Like all helmets from the Japanese specialist, this Arai is designed to meet a host of stringent requirements. This includes the mandatory standard ECE22.05 and the companies own exacting in house tests. The outer shell is made from Super Fibre Laminate. This stuff is very clever and is the makings of the basic Arai outer shell. This super fibre provides significantly more comfort than other shell materials available. And yet it still manages to be strong and lightweight. Yet this is just the start of all the cleverness that goes into making the best lids in the world.

From the very beginning, Arai determined that the 45 radius of the chin bar provides the needed flexibility to properly utilize the helmet’s overall organic shape and geometry to manage impact energy in the event of a frontal impact. Just to be really clear, we’d strongly recommend not having a frontal impact. We had one once and it really, really sucked.

Arai Tour X4

Arai Tour X4 - Looking Cool

The ‘bumper’ is a reinforcement band that circles the bottom of the shell adding strength and lowering the helmet’s centre of gravity. It flares out for easier putting on and taking off. This is really handy if your head has continued to grow long after you’ve stopped getting any taller (Triple F syndrome)*. Meanwhile the chin bar‘s ridges further enhance the structural integrity of the shell.

As well as looking cool the easy to clean diffusers create a strong vacuum at the rear. The dual intakes allow for increased airflow with a lower noise level. The under-peak air intake collects and directs cool air into the helmet while the closable chin vent controls the airflow to the chin area. Inner chin vent shutter prevents dead flies, when you’re riding, and angry policeman spittle, when you’re not, from coming into the helmet. The airflow management is completed with brow ventilation, lower side vents and a very clever neck roll exhaust.

Arai X4 - Free Flow

We really like the details such as the pull down chin spoiler. This clever piece of kit guides the airflow around the bottom edge of the spoiler. Together with the chin vent and the Free Flow System aerodynamics around the bottom of the chin offer even more protection against draughts, wind noise and turbulence.

As with all Arai visors the one on the Tour X is aerodynamically shaped and optically correct. It has been preformed with a 3D shape for better vision, less distortion and UV ray protection. It does, of course, come with a Pinlock. This piece of cleverness effectively prevents misting and fogging of the visor, even under extreme wet and damp conditions. 

The interior is replaceable and easy to clean. The cheek pads can be changed and are fitted with a quick release system to allow emergency personnel to remove the helmet safely and quickly if you insist on doing the impact thing.

Call 01478 4200 or drop into Megabikes to arrange a fitting.

*The first F’s stands for Fat, the last one stands for Face. Can you tell what the middle one stands for?

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