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May 13, 2021

Arai - Staying Ahead

Make The Easy Choice

I’m frequently asked about why I still wear an Arai. After all, there are a number of other quality helmet manufacturers in the market. Take a look at the starting grid of the premier class, Moto GP, and you’ll see a huge selection of lids on display. Many of them are of very high quality, indeed, as they would need to be by that particular group of young men. So why not any of them?

The very short answer is trust. Not just faith in the logo and being sold on the brand but crash testing the things with a frequency that would have suggested that I should take up car driving or getting the bus. On a rainy day in Mondello many years ago I demonstrated my talents as a novice rider on an old 16” front wheeled Fireblade and in the process landed on the back of my head. I didn’t even get concussion!

Several years later I demonstrated my skills as a low altitude skydiver and learned the benefits of ‘glancing off’ long before anyone was talking about it. I successfully avoided a car which was driven out of its parking spot by an inattentive driver. I locked up and lost the front end before making sudden contact with the kerb. That one did, in fairness, necessitate taking a few days off. 

Arai J Rea on Track

More recently I was minding my own business while over taking a row of stationary cars. After the fact, it turned out that the driver was under pressure to get his irritable passenger to an outpatient hospital appointment and they were late. Prompted by the unrelenting whining noise from the passenger seat he decided to exit the row of traffic and do a U turn.

There were a number of things wrong with his decision, not least of which was that I was passing him at the time. In the ensuing collision I went over the bars, the bike, now unimpeded by any rider input gently proceeded to the far side of the road where it lay against the ditch and simply cut out. It was completely undamaged. Meanwhile I hit the ground and the front wheel of the motorists one litre shitbox ran into the side of my head. I blacked out.

The good people from Dublin Fire Brigade turned up, found a motorcyclist under a car and lifted it off me. I woke up in the ‘bus’ on the way to A&E. There were several other injuries to cope with and while it was a difficult few months as I recovered, I didn’t die. My recommendation is not to allow stupid people in one-litre cars to drive over your head. If, however, you feel that you need to, then make sure to wear an Arai.

All of the accidents were different in nature. My head survived serious injury and the reason for that as because I was wearing Arai in each one of them. That’s why I still wear an Arai and that’s why I’m not going to change brand any time soon.

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