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May 14, 2020

Arai RX 7V Rea - The Gold Edition

Arai RX 7V Rea - Five In A Row

In the 2019 season of World Super Bikes Jonathan Rea clinched his fifth consecutive world championship title. To celebrate his victory a special champions helmet was prepared by lovely people at Arai. For 2020 Aldo Drudi, the dude is a bit of a bit of a legend in his own right, designed a golden edition of the young Mr. Rae’s iconic design. Claiming five consecutive titles is no small feat. To highlight this achievement, on the back there is a “Five in a row” star in the style of the renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame featuring a big number 5 on top.

To honor his achievements the manufacturers of the worlds best motorcycle helmets are proud to introduce a replica of this 2019 champions helmet on the new Arai RX 7V. The replica of this design will also feature that same star on the rear of the lid. Adding to this design is that it’s the very first time that a replica of a champions helmet has come to the market. They normally keep them to themselves!

On Track Arai RX 7V

Arai RX 7V Rea - Gold Standard

Jonathan elaborates "I have been with Arai for so many years and I have had some major crashes in my racing career, but my helmet always kept me safe. I’m so happy how the new design turned out and it’s looks great on the bike. A big thanks to the Arai for making it happen and I hope my fans will love it.”

It’s important to note that he won’t be wearing this design during races. So buying a kwick kwack and pretending that you’re him may not work! The good news is that he will be wearing it on several other occasions like testing, practice and qualifying throughout the season. Indeed he started wearing it on the Jerez test back in January 2020.

Arai RX 7V Rea Edition

Arai RX 7V Rea - Winning Ways

The full title of the new helmet is the Arai RX 7V Rea Gold edition. It has a recommended retail price of €999 including VAT across Europe. With a five year warranty that makes it €200 a year to keep your most prized asset safe in a very stylish container! It’ll be available from mid May 2020 at selected Arai dealers. Knowing how this usually goes, we’d recommend getting your name down in advance if you’d like one.

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