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June 12, 2018

Alpinestars Valparaiso Jacket - MotoGP Tech

Clothing Alpine Stars Valparaiso Jacket 2018

Alpinestars Valparaiso Jacket - The Italian Company Has Created A Revolution In Safety.

For a number of years now Alpinestars have been producing a ladies specific clothing line called ‘Stella’. The kit has the same high standards as their mens and non-gender specific kit. This year they add the Tech-Air prepped Valparaiso Jacket to the range.

The new piece of kit is a formidable all-weather commuter or adventure touring jacket. It incorporates a waterproof and breathable membrane and thanks to its jet Ventilation System, offers superb comfort levels. In this range the Italian company has created a revolution in safety for ADV and touring enthusiasts. The new Tech-Air Jacket takes the already excellent all-weather performance of the Valparaiso Jacket and cleverly incorporates the ability to add Alpinestars' groundbreaking airbag system. This protects the riders' upper body in the event of a crash.

The Tech-Air System is sold separately and is completely self-contained. It offers the ability for the airbag to be used in conjunction with the fully compatible jacket. This innovative and versatile street airbag system can be used with any type of motorcycle or scooter.

Crucially there is no need to set-up, pair or reconfigure any bike-to-rider or bike-to-passenger settings. Therefore the system is immediately ready to be used at any time, on any bike, on any surface. It can also be used equally for road riding and off road adventure touring.

Alpinestars Valparaiso Jacket- Tech-Air

The Tech-Air system is a groundbreaking electronic airbag that offers the wearer upper body protection and the freedom to ride both on and off road and in a wide range of weather conditions. The system incorporates the airbag’s electronic control unit, componentry and airbag. Once inflated it covers the back, kidney areas, chest and shoulders saving the rider or passenger from injury in the event of something going a bit wrong.

Both pieces are available separately. The jacket works perfectly well on its own. The airbag system can be used in a variety of Alpinestars jackets. We can only compliment the company on bringing this cutting edge Moto GP technology to the market so quickly.

For more information and to arrange a fitting, get in touch with Megabikes here in Dublin.

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