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January 28, 2019

Alpinestars Nucleon K3 - Put Your Back Into It

Alpinestars Nucleon K3 - Don't Ride Without One!

When we were first introduced to the idea of back protectors they did seem like a bit of overkill. Then we went racing, riding too fast on the road and attending trackdays. All of a sudden they made loads of sense as we tested them, sometimes to destruction!

There are a number of manufacturers making back protectors these days, one of whom is Alpinestars. Their Nucleon range of road protection features superb anatomical fit and a comfortable back protector. They have been constructed with innovative protector plates. These are light in weight and made with a high performance polymeric blend for protection. Best of all they are not just for racers. All good back protectors offer excellent performance under an outer leather or textile jacket.

The Alpinestars Nucleon K3 back protector is built to the highest standards being CE certified to EN 1621_2:2014. This gives it level two status - the highest there is for any protector on the market. Because it’s constructed in three waist-to-shoulder dimensions it covers all the way along the body very effectively.

The high performance polymeric material the plates are made from offers superior flexibility and saves an enormous amount of weight. The hybrid construction with lattice shell adds to this and is lined with flexible PU foam compound. All of this allows the piece to absorb high impacts. The Alpinestars Nucleon K3 is more than wearable, allowing maximum breathability and air flow.

Alpinestars Nucleon K3 - Customised fit

Having cracked one or two of our own, we really do like the new fully adjustable rib protector. This bit is constructed from the same high performance polymeric material blend and offers an awful lot of additional side protection.

Also new is the shoulder blade padding extensions to protect even more area. The waist adjustment allows for a customised fit and the slim and vented kidney belt adds position, stability, and security. This is the bit that also keeps you nice and warm in the winter!

The adjustable elastic shoulder straps are detachable via snap fit system if using the unit in a one-piece suit. They are also compatible with chest protectors from the same range.

You can see the Alpinestars Nucleon K3 as part of the Alpinestars range at Megabikes on Dublin’s Wexford Street. Can you afford not to have one? Give the guys there a call on 014784200 to arrange a fitting.

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