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October 12, 2020

The Indian Line Up For 2021 - Upgraded

2021 Indian Vintage Dark Horse

Best In Class.

Indian Motorcycles have announced their 2021 model-year range. The new lineup, which includes new model iterations, next-level technology upgrades, and a robust offering of genuine Indian Motorcycle accessories, is made available following the brand’s strongest sales quarter ever.

“We’re extremely motivated by the significant brand momentum we’re experiencing, and we’re as focused as ever to provide our riders with best-in-class products and experiences,” said Reid Wilson, Vice President of Indian Motorcycles. “Our riders are extremely discerning, with high expectations across the board and it’s incumbent upon us to stay on the cutting edge in style, performance, and technology. Our 2021 lineup additions and upgraded features are a result of the hard work and dedication we pour into every bike in the lineup.”

2021 Indian Vintage Dark Horse

2021 Indian Line Up - New Offerings

Developed in direct response to rider feedback, Indian Motorcycle’s 2021 enhancements and new offerings span across its Thunderstroke, PowerPlus and Scout line ups.

Joining the Indian Motorcycle cruiser lineup is the new Indian Vintage Dark Horse. For riders who want timeless style with a mean attitude, the new machine comes with soft black leather bags and fully blacked-out styling.

Featuring significant upgrades in 2021, the Roadmaster lineup is better than ever. Apple CarPlay is now standard across the lineup, while both the Roadmaster Limited and the Roadmaster Dark Horse models feature Indian Motorcycle’s all-new ClimaCommand Rogue heated and cooled seat with Ride Command integration.

Indian Scout 2021

2021 Indian Line Up - Thunderstroke

Joining the Roadmaster lineup is the Roadmaster Limited, which features gloss paint, chrome finishes, a modern fairing design, open front fender and ‘slammed’ saddlebags. Meanwhile, the restyled Roadmaster Dark Horse includes fully blacked-out finishes for mean and modern attitude. Each model is powered by Indian Motorcycle’s powerful, air-cooled Thunderstroke 116 with premium features, including Metzeler Cruisetec tyres, lower fairings with adjustable airflow vents, heated grips and a push-button adjustable windshield. Standard amenities across the entire Roadmaster lineup include remote-locking saddlebags and trunk with over 140 litres of combined storage, adjustable passenger floorboards, ABS, cruise control, keyless ignition, tyre pressure monitoring and full LED lighting.

The power buttons on the Chieftain, Roadmaster, Springfield, and Challenger models have been relocated to the switch cube on the handlebars to accommodate a new 12-volt charge port on the dash. The charge port provides riders with an opportunity to plug in and connect to a wider range of electronics.

Indian Detail of Footboard

2021 Indian Line Up - More Tech

The new lineup boasts new ride-enhancing technology, both as standard equipment and as an upgrade. In addition to being as standard on the Roadmaster Limited and Roadmaster Dark Horse, the new ClimaCommand heated and cooled seat is also available as an upgrade across all of the Thunderstroke models. New for 2021, the ClimaCommand seat is available in two style variations, Classic and Rogue, which has more modern, streamlined style. Additionally, the 2021 this seat now allows riders to adjust heating and cooling directly through the Ride Command infotainment system on select 2020 and 2021 models.

Thereby offering riders a new, and easy way to manage comfort while on the road. With a low, medium, or high setting, the thermoelectric technology is used to independently cool or heat the rider and passenger seat, while a flexible graphene material allows the heating or cooling to disperse through the entire surface area of the seat. The non-perforated seat is 100% water-resistant and highly durable. It is also available as an added accessory for all 2014 through 2021 Thunderstroke models, though 2020 and 2021 Chieftain and Roadmaster riders can integrate the seat within the bike’s Ride Command system.

2021 Indian Springfield

2021 Indian Line Up - Comfort As Standard

Standard on all 2021 Roadmaster, Chieftain, and Indian Challenger models equipped with Ride Command with navigation is Apple CarPlay. This delivers an easier, more customised level of control for music, navigation preferences, and mobile device information. How you’ve managed to last this long without it is anyone’s guess.

Also available as an accessory upgrade, the company introduces the all-new Pathfinder S LED Driving lights for most Chieftain, Roadmaster, and Challenger models. The all-new Pathfinder S LED Driving Lights have superior illumination, providing riders with even more nighttime visibility. Finding yourself caught in Wicklow after dark need never again be as frightening as it currently, and quite understandably, is.

New for next year, riders can now upgrade the Indian Challenger’s audio experience with the PowerBand Audio Quick Release Trunk Amplified Speaker Kit. When paired with PowerBand Audio Plus, this is a system that delivers exceptional sound and clarity from high-output fairing and saddlebag speakers that are 50% louder than the Challenger’s stock audio system.

Indian 2021 Upgraded Line Up

2021 Indian Line Up - Ready To Roll

Next year Challenger riders can pack for the long haul and enjoy a host of new touring amenities. The new bikes Quick Release Trunk adds no less than 64 litres of additional storage. Similar to the Roadmaster trunk, the Challenger unit is lockable via a key fob and can fit two full-face helmets. Rather cleverly when paired with the Slim Trunk Passenger Backrest Pad, passengers have up to 50mm of additional room for comfort. That’s a lot of space on a motorcycle.

For both the Challenger and Thunderstroke models, a new low-profile quick-release padded sissy bar with low-profile passenger pad is available to those who want added passenger comfort without sacrificing the bike’s low-profile and sleek styling.
Additionally, Challenger and Thunderstroke riders can add even more wind protection. There are now taller accessory windshield options and added comfort with an extended reach seat, infinite highway pegs and a pinnacle heel shifter. For those riding two-up, a quick-release passenger sissy bar, passenger backrest pad, and passenger floorboards add a world of comfort for your pillion.

2021 Indian Vintage Dark Horse

2021 Indian Line Up - All You Will Ever Need

For Thunderstroke models, the company offers a full package of comfort and passenger accommodations, including extended reach seat, mid-rise and 16-inch ape hanger handlebars, rider and passenger backrests, and a colour matching Quick Release Trunk, as well as passenger armrests and more. Challenger riders, meanwhile, can upgrade with mid-rise handlebars, a tinted curved windshield, and front highway bars.

Indian Motorcycle’s robust Scout lineup offers both classically-styled and modernly-mean designs. With a 1000cc motor, delivering 76 horsepower, the Scout Sixty and Scout Bobber Sixty are each approachable and at an attainable price point. Riders looking for more punch can opt for the 1133c, 94 horsepower, engine in the Scout and Scout Bobber.

Indian Line Up - Scout Accessory 2021

2021 Indian Line Up - Make Your's Your Own

The new year’s Scout line up receives a refresh with new paint colours, thereby further enhancing the iconic style and lines of the bike. Colours like Metallic Maroon and Crimson Metallic on the Scout and Alumina Jade Smoke on the Scout Bobber add to the aggressive, low profile look that riders love with Scout Bobber models.

And for aspiring and new riders, the Scout and Scout Bobber models will of course continue to be available in A2 compliant specification.

While there is already a robust line of genuine Scout accessories, Indian are adding even more in the new year. With all-new Scout touring parts, riders can turn their city cruiser into a capable long-haul touring machine. A Scout Bobber low or mid wind deflector protects riders from the elements, while heated grips for all 2017-2021 Scout models keep your hands warm in cold weather conditions. In addition, a new fairing bag and semi-rigid saddlebags add stylish storage options. Finally, a colour-matched quick release fairing with a cool 2 inch windshield is available for all Scout models in the new colours.

For all this and so much more call any of the team at Franklin motorcycles on 015385005.

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