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March 7, 2021

Yamaha MT 09 SP 2021

Yamaha's MT 09 Gets The SP Treatment 

The MT 09 SP is one of the bigger machines in the MT family and now it has been redesigned for the 2021 season.

What sets the SP apart from the standard machine is its premium specification. The manufacturer claims, with some authority, that this bike is the ultimate 3-cylinder machine on the market today. While the people at Triumph may well disagree it’s certainly the best MT that money can buy.

The Yamaha MT 09 SP sets itself apart from the standard bike thanks to it being equipped with a fully adjustable Öhlins rear shock. This is in addition to a fully adjustable set of front forks. The SP is a bike that promises to take handling to a whole other world! 

Yamaha MT 09 SP Static Image

Yamaha MT 09 Sp - A Whole New Standard

Being finished in an MT 10 SP, now there is a bike that sets a whole new standard in its class, inspired Silver Blu Carbon colour scheme, it also looks very cool. The bikes traction control and D mode will both help to keep it looking that good. They both forgive poor road conditions as well as rider errors.

It also comes as standard with a Quick Shift System (QSS) which gives faster upshifting. This means that this is a bike that not only works well on the road but should acquit itself quite well at a local trackday. Indeed, with so many new racing classes about these days, why not have a super naked class as well? There is at least one person in this office who would definitely enter a bike in a class like that. 

Yamaha MT 09 SP - City Style

Yamaha MT 09 SP - Torque Monster

The whole thing sits in a lightweight aluminium frame and swingarm while being powered by a torque monster of an 847 cc, 3-cylinder crossplane engine. The wheelbase is short enough to make easy work of any corners you would care to point it at.

It’s available to order now from your local Yamaha dealer. Enjoy the ride!

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