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October 8, 2020

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 -  A Gentler Pace

I’m used to riding faster and at first I was just getting on the ‘Enfield because I thought it would be fun for a change. Fun is exactly what I got and got it in spades. Its 650 air cooled parallel twin couldn’t be simpler and because it makes no big promises the pressure is off both rider and machine to deliver any and that’s where it manages to impress.

Everything on the bike is old school, simple and charming. The tyres are skinny, the forks are non adjustable and it even has twin shocks down the back. The frame is a twin steel spar affair and it doesn’t even need anything more than a single disc up the front to stop it. All of this makes for a simpler, easier riding style.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 - Retro

Everything on this bike is retro. The clocks have all you’ll need but are devoid of any of the features that we are starting to get used to on newer bikes. If you’re looking to marry you phone to the bikes comms system and scroll through your Spotify playlist then you’re on the wrong bike!

It’s not all cheap however. The tyres are by Pirelli and the brakes are by ByBre, a subsidiary of Brembo. Since it’s a bigger engine it must have ABS to meet European standards and to that end it has a Bosch twin channel system as standard.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 -

These are, it would seem, bought for leisure purposes in our part of the world. While the bike being tested is a 191 registered machine it still only has 1,960 miles up on the clock. Some of our readers would do more in a busy weekend! This is a shame because it’s a bike that is easy and enjoyable to ride.

The bike has enough power, not huge amounts and not too little. Like baby bears porridge, it’s just perfect for what is. The exhaust note could be a little louder and the suspension could be a whole lot better. If this was mine I’d definitely get to work on the forks and shocks. While the rear ones look particularly good the performance leaves a bit to be desired.

Our test rider for this piece was Paul.  Paul runs Motocraft, a European trackday company. If you fancy riding a European circuit or two point your browser at his site and get you’re sunshine and cornering allowance up!

The bike on test is available new from Bikeworld on the Longmile Road. You can get the helpful folks there on 01 45 66 222. The one we had out on test was a used one from Megabikes. Call any of the team on 01 478 4200 and start living the dream.

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