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May 7, 2019

Lifan Electric Scooter - Electrifying

Lifan Electric Scooter - The Future Is Here

The new Lifan electric scooter has come to the market, here in Ireland, thanks to the team at Rathfarnham's Moto4U. This new range of Bosch-powered, lithium-ion battery, road-legal eco scooters come with a commute beating range of 120km. They’re available in six colour options, and at affordable price.

One charge will give the machines as much as 120 kilometres of range. This is somewhat of a break through in extended battery life for these types of machines. The practicality continues since these scooters come with two chargers, one for home and one for office or college. Meanwhile the battery itself is a handy li-ion pack with a carry handle situated under the seat for quick easy removal. It can also be charged in the bike if that is more suitable.

A lithium battery that manages to weigh in at only nine kilograms powers this new machine. It features over charge protection, temperature protection as well as a battery management system, which ensures real time monitoring of the voltage, the current and even the temperature of the battery. This safeguards the cells and extends the battery service life.

Lifan Electric Scooter - The Power

A Bosch motor powers the machine. This high performance electric motor quick starts the vehicle. This increases the energy efficiency ratio by up to 92% while saving 3.7% of the energy. The electronic breaking system (EBS) shortens the scooters breaking distance and recovers kinetic energy loss under breaking and returns it to the battery. This in turn improves energy efficiency and adds 10% longer mileage.

The breaking utilises discs on both the front and rear. The rear shock is an airbag type and the rear swingarm is made from light but strong aluminium alloy. An independently developed field orientated control (FOC) vector controller optimises the torque output which delivers a quick start and boosts acceleration making climbing as steep as a 12 degree slope easy.

The new machine even has cruise control which the rider can set. This allows the rider to maintain a steady speed and frees their right hand from manual operation to a more relaxed ride. It also employs LED lights on the headlamp, taillight, turn signals and daytime running light. The iconic design and shape of them is brimming with modern technology shines with creativity even in the dark.

Call in to the store to take a look at the demo scooter and arrange a test ride. A category M licence is required as a minimum unless you hold full B Car licence dated on or before 20th October 2006 which would entitle to ride this scooter also. Road tax is a pitiful €35 per year. Since you plug it in to charge while you’re in work, there’s no petrol and no oil to pay for. It’s just a simple eco friendly way to beat the traffic.

The team at Moto4U are on 014055220.

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