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July 20, 2022

Indian Challenger Elite And Chieftain Elite

The Bagger, which occupies somewhat of a niche in motorcycling here in Ireland, has got a lot more attention recently with a whole new American race series where full touring spec Harleys and Indians beasts are pitched against each other, each with a pair of panniers attached! Now that our very own Jeremy McWilliams has, not only taken part, but won a race on his Indian we’re all becoming quite aware of this sub section of the big bike market.

Indian Motorcycles have now released a new and very exclusive pair of touring bikes, with both the well-established Challenger and the Chieftain models getting the ‘Elite’ treatment. Both have been built to offer the ultimate in touring machinery. They’re also very exclusive with only 200 units being made for the global market, of which only 25 are coming to Europe. 

2022 Indian Challenger Elite

Indian Challenger Elite and Chieftain Elite - Luxury

In terms of specification they quite simply have everything you could imagine on a bike. Starting with the stealth grey and black paint scheme which is finished with some red detailing, the bikes both look the part. 

And the paint is just where it starts. There’s a 400-watt PowerBand sound system. This has four speaker surround sound with two speakers in the fairing and two in the panniers. The quality of the sound is unbelievably good, even when travelling at, and, above motorway speeds. 

The stereo is controlled via a 200mm touchscreen display. The ride command system in the background not only has a GPS system but it even supports Apple CarPlay. All of the switchgear is back lit. This allows the rider to clearly see the bike’s controls at night. Other bits on the Challenger Elite include a staggering 68 litres of storage space, more than a lot of cars! The electronically adjustable suspension can be used to dial in the height desired to accommodate for a full luggage set as well as a pillion.

It does, of course, have ABS as standard. Luxury is added to with features such as its keyless ignition, while safety is increased thanks to the bikes tyre pressure monitoring.

Indian Challenger Elite 2022 - Static shot

Indian Challenger Elite and Chieftain Elite - Smart Lean Technology

Heated grips allow the rider to enjoy even the coldest of days. The floorboards are elite branded and the windscreen is height adjustable. All of which make for more comfortable riding experience. The adaptive LED headlight cleverly adjusts it’s spread depending on the bikes angle of lean. 

Rideability of the 377 kilo beast is made easier with the bikes Smart Lean Technology. In simple terms this allows the rider to confidently use all 30 degrees of the bikes available lean. 

The Challenger is powered by a liquid-cooled, 1,768cc engine and the Chieftain by a 1,811cc unit. Both are V-twin blocks making over 120 horsepower in addition to an impressive 178 Nm of torque. The rider can manage the power delivery via the usual three different riding modes. Sport (fast), Standard, (running out of fuel) and rain (for riders who are a little afraid of what they are riding). All of them facilitate the bikes traction control system.

One of each are coming to Ireland. If you are in the market give Keith a call on 015385005…

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