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March 22, 2020

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 30th Anniversary Model

2020 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy - Arnie's Bike Of Choice

The people at Harley-Davidson are bringing a Fat Boy 30th Anniversary motorcycle to the market. The bike celebrates the three-decade impact of the original machine. It’s based on the Softail platform which was launched in 2018. The entire Harley-Davidson Fat Boy front end is massive and topped with a LED headlamp in a newly shaped nacelle. The Lakester disc aluminium wheels update that particular defining Fat Boy style point. The beefy 160mm front tyre is balanced by a signature 240mm rear one that delivers that factory custom look.

The Softail frame and suspension combine to form a chassis that’s both stiff and lightweight. This allows for agility and performance that promise to exceed the expectations of the even the most-demanding cruiser riders. The mono-shock rear suspension preserves the signature “hard tail” lines of the chassis. It also places a single coil-over shock absorber below the seat at the perfect angle for a smooth ride with outstanding handling.

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy - Milwaukee-Eight

The Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin engine is the most-powerful Softail powertrain option. It delivers a new world of performance without loosing that classic Harley-Davidson look, sound and feel. Rather cleverly, the rigid-mounted powertrain further enhances chassis stiffness. Meanwhile the dual engine counter-balancers are tuned to reduce primary vibration at idle speed.

The model was originally introduced way back in 1990. It was designed by legendary Harley-Davidson stylists Willie G. Davidson and Louie Netz. To achieve a “milled from billet” look the bike was finished in monochromatic Fine Silver Metallic. This was matched with a powder coated frame and rolled on aluminium disc wheels. The rear exposed by the Softail chassis. This would become the defining characteristic of the Fat Boy model. The look was beefy for the time, from the fat front tyre covered with a trimmed fender to the wide handlebar and a seven-inch headlamp in a massive chrome housing. Davidson designed the winged tank logo, which has been an enduring feature of the Fat Boy model.

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy - A Modern Classic

This is the bike that we all remember from “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.” In the movie actor Arnold Schwarzenegger rides one through LA in one of the most epic chase scenes ever filmed. The movie was nothing short of a global sensation. It helped cement the Fat Boy as an iconic representative of the Harley-Davidson brand in many markets, especially here in Europe.

The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy received regular styling updates until 2018. This was when an all-new Fat Boy model was rolled out on the reinvented Softail chassis. It is powered by the afore mentioned Milwaukee-Eight engine. The current Fat Boy ‘turns up the volume’ on all of the distinctive Fat Boy cues, from the aluminium disc wheels to the massive headlamp and nacelle. The Fat Boy remains one of the most physically imposing motorcycles in the Harley-Davidson portfolio.

The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 30th Anniversary model is available from either Dublin or Waterford Harley Davidson. Pump action shotguns are extra. Read more about the iconic motorcycle brand here.

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