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August 3, 2021

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114

Harley's Iconic Bike

The latest Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114 has come a long way since Arnie chased someone down the LA river while using his pump action shotgun in the most creative of ways. The good news is that it still retains its great looks. As part of the Softail family it has been redesigned from the inside out. The rear suspension is now a single unit and the frame is both simpler and lighter.

Harley's iconic bike will always be about those Lakester wheels. The solid plates may not be light, but they carry more than their weight in street presence.  

In fact, the latest Fat Boy boasts a set of wheels that are bigger in diameter as well as being even broader. The rear one is a massive 240mm affair! This isn’t a bike for the faint of heart. And, as such, it really needs the standard exhaust to be responsibly recycled and replaced with something that lets the machine breathe and make all that glorious noise!

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114 2021 Static image

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114 - V Twin

The latest big engine from the motor company does the propelling. There are two sizes. And the one to go for is, of course, the bigger one with a displacement of 114 cubic inches. That’s a 1816cc v twin in new money! The engine is a world away from the old unit and runs smoother, easier and faster than any of the previous blocks.

A Daymaker headlight, new lights all round, a security system as standard as well as an entirely new drive train, all make this a bike that we’d happily ride all day. One of the things that we really like about the bike is that it’s a riders bike. While there is an ABS system as standard, it’s noticeably bereft of rider aids, things that talk to your phone, an onboard computer that syncs with your playlist and so on. This latest Fat Boy is as honest as the one Arnie rode into that movie on all those years ago. 

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 114 Light Detail

Talk to either Derek at Harley-Davidson in Dublin or Alan in Waterford Harley-Davidson to find out more.*

* Alas, pump action shotguns don't feature on the official accessory list...

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