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July 14, 2022

GasGas SM 700 Supermoto

Putting the ‘Super’ into Supermoto

There are not one, but two new GasGas machines available from CCM here in Dublin. Both are 700cc machines, one is an Enduro and the other is a Supermoto. While they have many features in common, the Supermoto is, of course, the one that we are most interested in! 

Rich in Spanish competition heritage the new SM 700 gives the rider a commanding upright riding position which places the rider closer to the handlebars and allows for a lot of front wheel control while sitting on the saddle. The Enduro, the ES 700, is on the other hand, meant to be ridden with the rider standing on the pegs and excels at dismissing trail roads while still being competent on the street.  

The ES comes from a long line of offroad bikes. This is, after all, what GasGas are famous for and they’ve been winning at off road competitions since the brand was relaunched a little over two years ago. What the company now want to do is to re-establish themselves on the street and the SM700 is, they hope, their route back. 

GasGas SM700 Supermoto - Wheelie

GasGas SM 700 Supermoto - Refreshing

First up is the bikes refreshingly light package. Both are housed in a chromium-molybdenum steel trellis frame which is complimented by a die-cast aluminium swingarm. As well as saving weight they provide the basis for one sharp handling machine. Cleverly the subframe houses the fuel tank which does a great job of keeping the bikes centre of gravity nice and low. The front forks are WP units and are fully adjustable as is the single shock on the back end. 

With all the basics sorted the package that comes as standard with the bike is impressive. The clutch is a slipper affair made by PASC. Moving up and down the gear box is made even easier thanks to the bikes quickshifter. Stopping it is facilitated by its Bosch ABS system and the exhaust system is fully compliant with all of the Euro 5 regulations. 

Both bikes are powered by a relatively straightforward twin spark single cylinder engine. This unit acquits itself very well indeed, putting out 74bhp. The electronic fuel injection is set up for instant power delivery. This combined with 73.5 Nm of torque may see the new 700 being one of the easiest to wheelie machines on the road! 

2022 GasGas SM700 - Two Travelling

GasGas SM 700 Supermoto - Street!

On the SM there are two ride modes to choose from. One is called street. This has full ABS and even has cornering traction control. The second one is called the Supermoto ride mode. On the second the rear ABS is disengaged and the traction control is a lot less intrusive. This one is, obviously, the one that the bike was made for.

As with all European brands there is a huge range of accessories to choose from. Crash bars, carbon clutch lever protectors, factory racing footpegs, an Akrapovic end can as well as a full range of clothing are all available. 

If you want to find out more call any of the team at CCM racing on 01 4526170. If you ask nicely you might even get a test ride… 

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