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October 14, 2020

Ducati Hypermotard - One Wheel Drive

Buckets Of Fun!

Ducati Hypermotard on the road

Ducati Hypermotard - 1100cc V-Twin Engine

The team at Overlanders and AMI recently took a little used Hypermotard into stock. The 1100cc V-Twin engined Italian is the Evo SP version and only has 3,600 authenticated miles on the thing! The bike has aged well with those mirrors, which for styling reasons, sit on the end of the handlebars and can be folded in to complete a set of hand guards. When folded out, while highly efficient, they have the effect of making the bike wider and difficult to filter through traffic on. This is particularly vexing as the bike fits through the narrowest of gaps thanks to its otherwise narrow profile.

So we simply fold them in and resolve to do more frequent and complete shoulder checks. Of course, the aforementioned shoulder checks are way too much like hard work and are soon forgotten in favour of having fun on this excellent road bike. The ‘SP’ version has Marozzochi suspension on the front end and Ohlins on the rear. A 120 section S20 from Bridgestone on the front and a 180 section on the back. With a seat height of 845mm and a 90bhp engine this motocross shaped thug of a bike brings out the best in even the most conservative of riders.

Ducati Hypermotard Tucked In Riding position on Race track

Ducati Hypermotard - Tasty

The ergonomics, particularly the handlebars, pull the rider into a racers poise. The result here is that we get a bike that one either loves or hates. We also get a bike that leads the rider to ride at ten tenths everywhere. There have been several different versions of the ‘Hyper’, the original standard and ‘S’ models were supplemented and added to with the high spec, light weight EVO and a few years ago the range was added to with the smaller 796. In 2012 the line up saw a new standard bike as well as a new SP version with lots of tasty bits and the addition of the all-new Hyperstrada, a Hypermotard with panniers and a screen. One gets the impression that this really wasn’t what the original designer of the bike was getting at. That is, of course, unless you were planning on going on a touring holiday that involved robbing banks. The SP is the one you want.

Ducati Hypermotard Clock Detail Image

Ducati Hypermotard - Lighter, Faster, Cleaner

This one has an new liquid cooled eleven-degree engine, a new exhaust system and even a slipper clutch. The new bike looks similar to the old one but is lighter, faster and cleaner than the previous model. The Hypermotard is an excellent barrel of fun of a motorcycle. While it still doesn’t have a scabbard fitted as standard for ones shotgun, its more than enough of a motorcycle to get you into a lot of trouble.

For more details on the machine featured, as well as a selection of other very clean bikes, give AMI a call on 053 942 2415.

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