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July 7, 2021

Ultimate Add On - Indestructible

Ultimate Add On - Fully Touch Screen Compatible

Ultimate Add Ons make waterproof, dustproof and shockproof smartphone cases that are built to withstand the worst weather and conditions we can face on a motorcycle ride. The  company use an extra hard ABS clamshell system with a shock resistant elastomeric liner to protect your smartphones and your precious cameras too!

These cases are fully touch screen compatible, however, due to their design and to ensure they are fully IPX5 rated they have cleverly omitted an external button access. This, however is not a problem! With your smartphone safely snuggled in one of their tough cases you should have no issues accessing your navigation software as once the app is running and you have the Type C USB or lightning connector attached and the phone is charging, the screen will stay on allowing you to access all of the onscreen controls.

UA - motorcycle accessories

Ultimate Add On - Accessible

You will also want to use your smartphone for Bluetooth communication and music. All music controls are accessible from the headset with all of the latest intercoms so there is no need to touch your smartphone to make calls, change to the next song or adjust your music volume. 

For the latest iPhones such as the iPhone 11 and XS ranges the screen is woken simply by tapping it with your finger so there are no problems accessing the phone in the case.

However should you still have issues there are extra options. There are a whole host of functions on a secondary menu within your iPhone

Assistive touch is a great built in feature of IOS. It allows you to replace functions with simply a gesture or change the function of interactions like swipes to make them easier with reduced mobility. It will allow you to turn the lock screen on and off by just touching the screen these allow you to use the phone without using the buttons. Very clever indeed!

Samsung and the other smartphone manufacturers have a range of apps available on the app store which make using them while locked in a case even easier Again. If you are interested in our Waterproof, Dustproof and Shockproof motorcycle smartphone cases for both Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone please get in touch with your favourite motorcycle dealer and start enjoying an easier ride.

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