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January 28, 2019

Race Chrono - GPS Data Logging At No Cost

Race Chrono - The Best Things In Life Are Free

Alan checks out the Race Chrono in Mondello for MOL.

Anyone who has dipped his or her toe into the world of track days will tell you it’s a slippery slope into an addictive hobby. What can start out as you gingerly venturing out in the Novice group on your road bike, quickly turns into trawling the used bike listings late at night looking for track bikes so you can no longer use the "I don’t want to drop my road bike" excuse as a reason for not going faster.

Companies like Motocraft provide excellent tuition when it comes to making you a faster and safer rider. One of the easiest ways we gauge our improvement is by timing our sessions. Racers use transponders accurate to thousands of a second. But these are fragile, expensive and require setting up.

For someone starting out on trackdays, there's a much simpler, and cheaper, option - Race Chrono. Available on both Android and Apple smartphones, Race Chrono is a GPS data logging application designed for everyone from track day riders up to racing professionals.

Race Chrono - GO!

The Race Chrono basic app is free to download from the relevant app store and set up is very simple. Open the app, choose your track and hit GO. Race Chrono is loaded with over 2,000 racetracks from around the world. This includes both the National and International layout of Mondello Park.

Using your phones internal GPS module, the Race Chrono app tracks you lap by lap. At the end of your session the app will break down not only your lap times, but your sector times as well. You can see where you may be losing time or if one corner is really hurting you.

There is a Pro version of the app available but the features it unlocks, such as predictive lap timing and time delta graphs are overkill for the average rider and aimed more at racing professionals.

Accuracy is based on your GPS signal. So while leaving the phone in your pocket is fine, we've seen some participants load the app to an old smartphone (who doesn't have one sitting in a drawer at home?) and mount it directly to the bike.

Overall, it's hard to believe something so useful is completely free. Even outside of the track, it's the best tool we've seen for settling the "I went faster than you!" post track day discussion between you and your friends.

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