Knox Zero 2 OutDry – Warm And Dry

Knox Zero 2 OutDry The classic Knox Winter Glove comes as standard with a superior, warm, waterproof, winter riding experience with OutDry. Outdry is the latest patented innovation in waterproofing to keep the rain out , and Primaloft insulation to keep the warmth in. We’ve been wearing them for years […]

Hand in Glove – The New Knox Orsa Glove

Knox Orsa – Its time to break out the Orsas… That golden orb in the sky and the warmth emanating from it indicates that summer has finally arrived. Summer means its time for lighter yet equally protective kit to the stuff we’ve been surviving winter with. For many of us […]

Knox – Making A Better Back Protector

Knox Meta-Sys Back Protector – You Deserve One Of These… Back protectors have come a long way since they first appeared in the race paddocks during the early 1980s and the latest Meta-Sys from Knox shows just how far. One of the most significant changes was the introduction of a […]