KTM 790 Adventure R – Very Clever

So Good KTM 790 Adventure R – So Good It Even Makes Us Look Like We Know What We’re Doing! You can tell that they are very, very good when it comes to racing in the dirt from just looking at the new KTM 790 Adventure R. The bike has […]

KTM 1190 Adventure – Big. Orange. Friendly.

KTM 1190 Adventure – Big, Orange and Friendly KTM 1190 Adventure – Rather Excellent We can’t help but have noticed that the political developments in other parts of the world are doing a certain amount of brand damage to the colour orange. I have a bet on with one of […]

KTM 1050 Adventure – Anything But Small

KTM 1050 Adventure- Anything But Small! KTM 1050 Adventure – The Best Grin Inducer We’ve Been On Winter is hard, but spring and early summer can be so, so cruel. We, those of us dedicated hardened warriors who’ve never grown up enough to buy a car, trudge, roll and bully […]

KTM 990SMT – Bad To The Bone

KTM 990SMT – Bad To The Bone KTM 990SMT –  Hiding Its Age So Very, Very Well Way back in 2008 when the world was on the brink of disappearing up its own arse, the very clever and utterly irresponsible people at KTM were busily building these things. Supermotos were […]