BRAND: Yamaha

Yamaha Tricity – City Buster

I recently experienced the sheer joy of taking a car into the centre of Dublin during rush hour. To say I was less than impressed would be an understatement. I did, however, get an insight into what is casually referred to a ‘road rage’. Indeed if I had to do this every working day of my life I’d want to murder a motorcyclist also. The time it took to get there was simply amazing.

With well over an hour and a half listening to awful commercial radio and seeing some of the most interesting driving at close range, it’s not for the faint hearted. As for the bus, don’t get me started! The very thought of sitting next to a stranger in such close proximity really does makes my skin crawl. The following day I made the same commute on the rather wonderful Yamaha Tricity.

Yamaha Tricity – All That, And ABS

This scooter sits on a unique three wheel chassis and is powered by a new generation125cc four stroke engine. Interestingly, the front end is where the extra wheel lives. Combined with the ABS available here in Ireland, the Tricity is a more than reassuring machine to ride.

Filtering on the Yamaha Tricity is just as easy as on a conventional two wheeler as the axel on the front end is quite narrow. Bus lanes and bike lanes are there for the taking just as much on one of these as they would be on a Yamaha NMAX! The bike is so light that not even the smallest adult could find it intimidating while there is generous space for the ‘bigger boned’ amongst us.

The under seat storage is more than ample and if, like us, you carry too much stuff on your bike, there is plenty of space to fit a top box. The braking is linked and the engines fuel consumption is frugal. The Yamaha Tricity 125 is available to test ride from Moto4u in Rathfarnham and all good motorcycle dealers nationwide. Give any of the team a call on 01 4055220 to find out more.