BRAND: Yamaha

Yamaha Niken Gets A Red Dot Award

The Yamaha Motor Company has announced that its Sports LMW*1 NIKEN has been chosen as the “Best of the Best” in the globally-renowned Red Dot Award Product Design 2019 competition. This achievement marks the second design award received by the Yamaha Niken. It follows on from a Good Design Award in 2018.
The Yamaha Niken is a large model LMW with an 845cm3 liquid-cooled in-line three-cylinder engine. At the core of the design is a look that shows solid ground contact of the front two-wheels. The powerful shoulder area and slim tank designed for knee gripping combination creates a feeling of greater dynamic movement. With its distinctive “LMW-Power” body design comes the realization of a sporty athletic performance. This challenges the rider to want to take on each curve on winding roads.

Yamaha Niken – LMW

*1: LMW=Leaning Multi-Wheel. This is a general term for a vehicle with three or more wheels which can lean like a motorcycle. LMW is technology that contributes to the balance between nimbleness and stability via a suspension and steering-mechanism that uses a parallelogram link.