BRAND: Yamaha

Yamaha MT-03 – Naked Gets Stripped Of Its VRT

Yamaha’s MT range has been nothing short of a stroke of genius for the Japanese giant of motorcycling. Taking the triple cylinder engine back from that UK brand was a clever move with the MT 09. Widening the range to include the learner legal MT 07 as well as the MT 125 leaves us with a machine for everyone in the family. The MT 10, meanwhile, is simply fantastic! It’s the one in the middle that concerns us. The Yamaha MT-03 is the one for the A2 licence holder.

The bike evolved from the R3 and has been around since 2016. It’s a relatively new machine in a busy segment that is vouched for by the rest of the MT range. As they have done with the MT-125 and the MT-10 they have simply taken a pre existing machine, turned it into a road bike and made it even more practical than its R designated sibling.

Yamaha MT-03 – No VRT

What the Yamaha MT-03 does is gets the rider from a 125cc machine and into something that has enough power and poise to dismiss the daily commute, get some country miles in and even enjoy a trackday on. And this is where the Yamaha MT-03 fits into your world. It’s a big bike without the expense of being one. This has now got even more affordable thanks to Yamaha here in Ireland taking care of the Vehicle Registration Tax, or VRT. Because of this the price drops to a rather wonderful €5,827!

Yamaha MT-03 – Twin Engine Power

A 321cc parallel twin engine powers the affair. While it was new for the R3 a few years ago, Yamaha have been making parallel twins for a very long time and they’ve got extremely good at it. The configuration is used in the bigger end of the MT range where it propels the MT 07 and the Tracer. Meanwhile you can always ask your dad about that XT contraption that he still has in the garage…
The Yamaha MT-03 is available from Yamaha dealers nationwide where it’s available ex VRT, but only as long as current stocks last…