KTM 1050 Adventure- Anything But Small!

KTM 1050 Adventure – The Best Grin Inducer We’ve Been On

Winter is hard, but spring and early summer can be so, so cruel. We, those of us dedicated hardened warriors who’ve never grown up enough to buy a car, trudge, roll and bully our way through the worst the weather can throw at us. We ride close to the verge in light snow. On the crest of the road when the streets are flooded. We navigate through cities full of shoppers on four wheels who seem intent on delivering some automotive manslaughter. Then we ride the length of the country for a good dinner in the ice and sleet. To this end, the best grin inducer we’ve been on lately is the KTM 1050 Adventure.

This ‘small’ KTM has a bigger than one litre v-twin engine and produces 95bhp. At its heart the KTM 1050 Adventure has a modern v-twin surrounded by the latest electronics, including mappable fuel injection, that allows the rider to select different rider modes. There are three of these: Street, Sport and Rain.

KTM 1050 Adventure – Pretty Much Perfect

All of these systems are controllable from the handlebar switch. There is also a disengageable traction control system. It can be switched off to allow the bike to be ridden off road or to facilitate sphincter-tightening loss of traction on strips of rain soaked over banding. The KTM 1050 Adventure is a little smaller, physically, than most other offerings in the market. Having said that, when ridden properly, standing up that is, the relationship between the bars and pegs is pretty much perfect.

There’s an analogue rev counter, a gear indicator in the LCD display on the right hand side of the unit. There’s also the time of day, a coolant temperature gauge as well as a fuel gauge. On the other side of the rev counter the drive mode, traction setting and fuel range to empty are conveniently displayed.

The front brakes are enormous Brembo radially mounted calipers from a Moto GP bike, which, in conjunction with the braided metal hoses and Magura master cylinder could stop a spring tide. Hand guards, a height adjustable windscreen and a tail rack add to the practicality of the machine.