Ducati Hypermotard – One Wheel Drive

Buckets Of Fun! Ducati Hypermotard – 1100cc V-Twin Engine The team at Overlanders and AMI recently took a little used Hypermotard into stock. The 1100cc V-Twin engined Italian is the Evo SP version and only has 3,600 authenticated miles on the thing! The bike has aged well with those mirrors, […]

Yamaha VMAX – Take It To The Max

You Need A VMAX. Yamaha VMAX – The Bike made Me Do It Massive motorcycles are something that we love here at the magazine and few come more massive than Yamaha’s VMAX. The bike is wonderfully massive in an American muscle car kind of way. It even manages to carry […]

Kawasaki GTR 1400 – Kwik Kwak

All You’ll Ever Need Kawasaki GTR 1400 – Highly Effective We’ve put an immaculate ‘pre-loved’ Kawasaki GTR1400 to the test, finding it big, heavy, powerful and yet exceptionally well-mannered. The bike has a big wide headlamp and an even bigger, wider front profile thanks to its large and highly effective […]

BMW S1000XR – The Perfect Balance

BMW S1000XR – Putting The X Into The R BMW S1000XR – Fast, Capable, Comfortable The people at BMW have been making the S1000RR since way back in 2010. That’s a decade of one of the fastest one litres bikes on the market and is something to be commended for. […]

KTM 1190 Adventure – Big. Orange. Friendly.

KTM 1190 Adventure – Big, Orange and Friendly KTM 1190 Adventure – Rather Excellent We can’t help but have noticed that the political developments in other parts of the world are doing a certain amount of brand damage to the colour orange. I have a bet on with one of […]

KTM 1050 Adventure – Anything But Small

KTM 1050 Adventure- Anything But Small! KTM 1050 Adventure – The Best Grin Inducer We’ve Been On Winter is hard, but spring and early summer can be so, so cruel. We, those of us dedicated hardened warriors who’ve never grown up enough to buy a car, trudge, roll and bully […]

KTM 990SMT – Bad To The Bone

KTM 990SMT – Bad To The Bone KTM 990SMT –  Hiding Its Age So Very, Very Well Way back in 2008 when the world was on the brink of disappearing up its own arse, the very clever and utterly irresponsible people at KTM were busily building these things. Supermotos were […]

BMW Approved Used Bikes – Peace Of Mind

BMW Approved Used Bikes – Peace Of Mind Back in the good old bad old days when we bought a used bike here in Ireland we were usually offered an extremely limited ninety day warranty. This ‘alleged’ warranty tended only to cover certain items and provided little reassurance to the […]

BMW S1000R – All You’ll Ever Need

BMW S1000R – All You’ll Ever Need BMW S1000R – Open Wide And Say “R” The original bike that the R was derived from, the full fat S1000RR, produced close to 200 ponies. The single R is a little more modest with ‘only’ 160 BHP on tap. The motor has […]

Yamaha YZF R1 2009 – From Track To Road

2009 Yamaha YZF R1 – From Track To Road With Yamaha’s new R1 grabbing all the attention recently it may be a little easy to forget how good the previous model was. However, when we first road tested the Yamaha YZF R1 six long years ago in 2009, it was a […]