TYPE: Kriega

Kriega Urban – Bagged

After ten long years of loyal service, covering some staggering mileage in all sorts of weather, my old laptop bag finally gave up the ghost last month. Thankfully, Peter from Franklin Motorcycles was on hand to soothe my broken heart with a new Kriega Urban messenger bag.

I’ve been using one of their back packs, the R35, on the occasional longer spin for the last few years. I’m impressed with what the guys in Kriega do and how they make their luggage. You can tell that these are people who ride bikes. A lot of what we take as compromise when using other brands is designed in, or out, for the better.

With the Urban they’ve surpassed themselves. From the waterproof, and that really is waterproof, body with its clever, impossible for even a motorcycle journalist to damage, roll top closing system, to the easily accessible zipped pocket and document sleeve inside the flap, they’ve thought of it all.

Kriega Urban – Balanced

The main shoulder strap is cleverly fitted to balance the bag on the riders back in a way that dissipates the weight. It is, of course, fully adjustable and there is a retaining strap to tie the bag to my waist.  This keeps the Kriega Urban from moving about when underway.

If, and it’s a big if, you need any more storage there is an option to purchase additional US Drypacks. These can be cleverly clipped to the front of the Kriega Urban. There are a trio of padded cases available for laptops and tablets which fit perfectly into the main bag.

The Kriega Urban is available from Franklin Motorcycles and all good motorcycle shops nationwide. For additional information on Drypacks and padded cases for computer equipment, check out Kriega. There is also a whole host of other soft luggage available from this innovative company.