Motorcycle security by BikeTrac – Grab Bag & Chain

The good people at BikeTrac have added to their highly effective tracker offering with something that should make their tracker recreational only. The new grab bag contains a full hard motorcycle security kit and really does have all you need to keep the thieving hands away from your pride and joy.

The bag contains an all-new chain and a disc lock, which is made by Abus, the company who make the industry standard in locks. The chain is the industry’s first with links that have a thickness 10mm and are approved to Thatcham Category 3. Its also bolt cutter resistant. This chain is offered in two lengths, 1.2 metres and 1.4 metres. Combined with the disc lock any bike can be secured to an immovable object and effectively immobilized the good old-fashioned way.

Security BikeTrac2018

This motorcycle security kit is designed to be fully portable. To that end it comes complete with its own carrying bag. The bag includes a fastening strap so it can be attached to the bike, usually over the pillion seat. No one likes going into work, a meeting or on a date with brake dust covered hands and no one likes having the same brake dust and road dirt on an expensive pair of gloves so they have very cleverly included a pair of gloves in the pack that can be used when locking the bike.

The Abus disc lock comes with a set of two keys as well as a code card. You’ll need the latter to get any additional keys cut. The disc lock can be used on its own and to that end there is a reminder tag in the bag as well. One sure fire way to ruin a first date is to entice the young lady to sit on the back of your Gixxer before heading off at an impressive rate of knots only to propel her over your shoulders half a wheel rotation later. That, however, is a different story to be told at a different time, which wouldn’t have been the case if that particular lock came with a reminder tag like this one does.

There are two prices, €179.95 for the bag with the 1.2 metre chain and €199.95 for the longer 1.4 metre offering. If you’d like more information about their products, see