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Who We Are

As well as being a contributor to MotorcyclesOnLine, Maeve has been an adventurer motorcyclist for 25 years.  She plans to move to the country and live a quiet life. And maybe occasionally escaping to other parts of the world for two wheeled adventures. In her down time she likes to paint.

Alan is our resident tech guru. When he’s not busy commuting from his rural retreat into the city, where he keeps the lights on in one of the countries biggest legal practices, he can be found doing his bit for the greater good as he plots the routes for the countries biggest annual charity run, http://www.revup.ie.

Paul is the wisest of the group, according to himself,f (since when does age equal wisdom). He is the distance specialist of the group, regularly clocking up 2,000kms in a single week. He has been known to exceed speed limits. Only very occasionally. He has yet to own a car.

Luke likes motorcycles. As our European correspondent, he specialises in the city commute. During the day he is a human rights advocate. His other talents include, but are not limited to, never answering the phone, showing up at the office without giving prior warning and a profound inability to cook.