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Motocraft return to the sun with a trip to Monteblanco.

We’ll be joining them to up-skill our motorcycle craft and benefit from world class coaching.


Like Cruising, Just Much Faster!

The Ducati Diavel, so good, even our favourite insurance broker rides one.


Time For Some Quality Social Distancing

Celtic Horizon Tours Donegal

Destination Donegal with Celtic Horizon Tours

As motorcycling summers go this one just wasn’t the best. The great news is that you’ve all been so very, very good, socially distant and it would appear that you haven’t spent the last four months licking each other. Well done you lot, now its time for your reward. At the end of August we’re taking a few days out to ride to the sunny northwest and the motorcycle paradise that is Donegal.

Rather like Alaska is to the rest of the US, Donegal is just about as Irish as it wants to be and for the most part is just about far enough away to feel like it’s a little bit exotic. Everyone who lives in the county has an accent that sounds like they are singing a song whenever they speak. The mountain roads are epic as is the scenery and the food is brilliant. See you there…

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    KTM 1190 Adventure – Big. Orange. Friendly.

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    Yamaha FJR1300AE – Ultimate Edition

    Yamaha FJR1300AE –  The Ultimate Edition Yamaha FJR1300AE – The Ultimate Edition A few years ago we spent a brilliant twelve months on the class leading tourer and R1 in disguise on an open road! We’ve done Bikesafe with the Police Service of Northern Ireland. While we were there we […]


Alpinestars Arai Race Chrono

Race Chrono – GPS Data Logging At No Cost


Revolutionising Motorcycle Security with BikeTrac


What’s In The Bag? BikeTrac Motorcycle Security


Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 – Wearable Airbag


Unlimited Passion – Clean Up Your Act


TCX Lifestyle Riding Line

Knox Urbane Pro – No Jacket Required

Cardo Scala Rider – It’s Good To Talk


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    Destination Donegal With Celtic Horizon Tours

    Time For Some Quality Social Distancing Destination Donegal – Three Days On The Road Last month we introduced you to the idea of taking a few days out in the country. You know, get out on your bike, stretch your spiritual legs and all that. As we’re travelling with Celtic […]

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    Motocraft – Track Time Beckons

    Motocraft – Track Time Beckons Track Time Beckons – End The Lockdown With Six Days Riding On Track! At the time of going live we’ve been under lockdown for so long that it’s become normal. Now we’re entering into the first stage of it’s ‘easing’. Some of us have been […]

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    BikeSafe NI – Need A Break?

    BikeSafe NI – All great adventures start in the middle of the night This summer, in partnership with Celtic Horizon Tours, we’re heading north to Donegal for a couple of days great motorcycling. On the way we’ll be visiting the PSNI to take part in their BikeSafe event.  From there we […]


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